Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

I remembered when I first eaten Japanese cheesecake from Ichiban Sushi Restaurant around 20 years ago. I fell in love with cheesecake since then. The cake was so cottony soft and fluffy yet not very cheesy. At that time, my department manager bought the cake for us during tea break, everyone was snatching for it. I managed to take a piece but I was sad that I couldn’t get another helping.

My inspiration for baking has blossomed since the day I started baking. I told myself I have to try to bake this kind of cheesecake to indulge myself. I found many recipes and so I decided to use this one. But I omitted orange zest.

This is my first attempt. Although the bottom of the cake is slightly denser than the top, it is as good as the cheesecake in Ichiban Sushi Restaurant. Thanks to the technology, I am able to find more recipes on the internet. I will try again next time.

My son and youngest daughter liked everything I baked but not for this Japanese cheesecake. They prefer cheesecakes with flavours like my previous few cheesecakes that I made. Oreo cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake.. These cheesecakes are the non-bake type, which they like. Since they both of them do not like this cheesecake, I ate a lot of it. It was so irresistible that I almost took half of the cake right after taking out from the oven. The remaining ones I put in the refrigerator. It tastes as good when it is chilled too.


Scramble Egg Cheese Ham Sandwich

When my eldest daughter invited me to her church picnic gathering at the East Coast, I was thinking what food should I prepare for the picnic. While searching for some old utensils, I found this sandwich maker that I bought it a decade ago.

Though it is already 10 over years ago, it still looks as good as new.

It was actually still sealed up and unopened. After testing the maker and ensure that it is still functioning well, I decided to make scrambled eggs cheese ham sandwich.

I used this recipe to make my scrambled eggs but I reduced the butter and used low fat milk. I added a minimal amount of salt as well. So it will be healthier.

After making the scrambled eggs, I put them with ham and cheese in between the bread. Toasted it for 2-3 mins and wow! I was totally amazed at the result of the sandwich after being toasted in the sandwich maker.

Those dark brown stuff are actually cheese. It taste exceptionally good!

The toasted bread is so crispy! Just thinking of it now makes me salivate.

You can catch a glimpse of the ham and cheese in this photo. Sadly, I forgotten to take one photo with sandwich open.

These sandwiches are so yummy, my children loved it. They love eggs, ham and cheese a lot. So this is like their dream breakfast. However, eating it too often is not very healthy and not so economical as well. Thus, when I have the time, I’ll certainly make some my children to eat!

Blueberry Cake

My nephew’s birthday is around the corner but I have not mastered making the whipping cream. Since I have some leftover blueberry toppings that I used for my blueberry cheesecake, I decided to change the strawberry shortcake to this blueberry one.

The recipe for the shortcake is still the same, the only thing that is different is the topping and the filling. I took a few photos, they are not really of good quality but still rather decent! I am very satisfied and happy with the outcome and it tastes good as well!

I still need a lot of improvement of the whipping cream 🙂

The filling and the layers of the cake. Yummy!

Ideal for afternoon tea 🙂

I know that I have been using a lot of blueberries in my baked foods, but they just taste so good! I hope you can give me some comments, so I can improve on it as well 🙂 So that’s all for now!