Blueberry Cake

My nephew’s birthday is around the corner but I have not mastered making the whipping cream. Since I have some leftover blueberry toppings that I used for my blueberry cheesecake, I decided to change the strawberry shortcake to this blueberry one.

The recipe for the shortcake is still the same, the only thing that is different is the topping and the filling. I took a few photos, they are not really of good quality but still rather decent! I am very satisfied and happy with the outcome and it tastes good as well!

I still need a lot of improvement of the whipping cream 🙂

The filling and the layers of the cake. Yummy!

Ideal for afternoon tea 🙂

I know that I have been using a lot of blueberries in my baked foods, but they just taste so good! I hope you can give me some comments, so I can improve on it as well 🙂 So that’s all for now!


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