Aceley’s 6th Birthday Party!

My nephew’s birthday finally arrived, I was so excited and stressed at the same time because my sister requested me to bake cake for him. We celebrated it in McDonalds. When my sister asked me to bake for her son’s birthday party, I gladly accepted and felt very honored.

To make sure the cake I present to him is good and decent, I practiced many times. You can see it from my previous entries. Thus, now I am able to bake this special cake for him on his special day!

I am very satisfied with it! 🙂

The cake is only 7 inch in diameter. I was afraid that one cake is not only to share among our relatives, friends and ourselves, I decided to make two cakes, one of them is this Strawberry Sponge Cake and the other is the famous Oreo Cheesecake.

Up till today, my biggest challenge is the whipping cream. Even though I had many attempts on whipping the cream, I just could not get desirable results somehow. I probably do not have the round loose base which it is used during whipping in order to cream it in shape.

To hide the uneven whipped cream, I covered it with chocolate shavings. I thought I was pretty creative, haha 🙂 And for the Oreo Cheesecake, I created a face using the Oreo cookies.

When I presented the cakes to my nephew, everyone was admiring it. Some asked me whether I own a bakery shop and I was surprised at their feedback. I was so delighted! It was worth my efforts after all.

Birthday boy with his cake. 🙂

A close up on the Strawberry Sponge Cake with unlit candles. I love the candles, they are so adorable!

Birthday boy with his cake with the candles lit up.

My sister, my brother-in-law and my cute nephew!


Strawberry and Oreo Cheesecake

Hello everyone! I used my daughter’s school camera that she borrowed for one of her modules. The quality is really good. But the most unfortunate thing is that the camera is only temporary. When she needs to return the camera, everything is back to square one again. We then have to use mobile phone camera. 😦

She took these photos for me. She can use this opportunity to improve her photography skills and for me, I can take this chance to admire my work! Haha.. So get ready for super good quality images, I’m so excited to present to my faithful readers! So enjoy it while we can!

My eldest daughter and son had been craving for my oreo cheesecake. So, as their mother, I made one to satisfy their craving. This time round I changed the design to make it more interesting. I wanted to make it more creative as well. I bought this heart-shaped pan some time back so I used it in my recent bakings.

Heart shaped pan 🙂

My masterpieces, haha..

Top view.


My sister-in-law has been my loyal ‘fan’ so far. After visited my blog, she ordered an oreo cheesecake for her children. I tried to come up with a design and this was what I got.

It was simple, but sometimes simplicity is nice.

To appreciate her during Mothers’ Day, I decided to make this heart shaped strawberry cheese cake to thank her for her support. 🙂 However, she does not fancy cheese cake that much. I guess I’ll bake something else the next time!

The cards and the flowers were gifts from my daughters. I have gift from all of my children, but I didn’t put it here as it was rather big. It was really nice of them. 🙂

Same setting as the Oreo Cheesecake. Look how shiny the jam is!

There are jam goodness within the cheesecake as well.

My sister-in-law’s children love the cheesecake too! I was overjoyed with the responses I received from everyone. Thank you for supporting me thus far. By the way, do leave a comment or two once in while. So I can improve myself. Good or bad comments, just leave them on my food blog. Thank you!