About Junie

As a teenage girl, I had a liking for baking. I would often visit my sister’s place just to bake. However, she has no desire or interest to bake so she doesn’t have any equipment for baking. Thus, I would bring along my baking equipments, accessories, ingredients etc to bake at her place. My cookies will end up being too hard or sponge cake didn’t rise, it is probably due to some missing ingredient.

My mother would not allow me to buy an electric oven during the old days in 1970s because it was very expensive. She would rather use the money to buy daily necessities.

My passion for baking never dies even after my youngest daughter (featured on the header) turned 6. I started to bake again. My children loved to eat Famous Amos’ cookies and I loved to eat muffins. One day, my son challenged me to start baking. So here I am.

I am currently holding a full-time job and residing with my three lovely children. I would spend my weekends baking cookies, muffins and trying out new recipes. My ambition is to own a bakery shop or cafe one day. I hope I am able to fulfill my life long dream. 🙂

About Web Design

The header is designed by my 18 year old daughter and it features my 6 year old daughter. I am thankful for their time and effort to help me with this website. I am very proud of them both. 🙂


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