Rainbow Jelly

I have been quite busy recently at home and at work. Whenever I got back home from work, I will rush to do household chores and spend a lot of time coaching my youngest daughter in her school work during weekdays. Other than that, I received cookie orders occasionally from my sister-in-law (Thanks to her!). I hardly have the time to write about this precious ‘art work’ which was made a month ago.

I called it ‘Rainbow Jelly’ even though it has only 3 colors. This has completely nothing to do with baking. I just dissolve it in hot water, that’s all! However, it is still hard work. Each layer requires around an hour to solidify in the refrigerator before I can pour the jelly solution to make another layer. Each color has different flavors as well. The green is lime, red is strawberry and yellow is pineapple. The brand I used for this jelly is this.

Very simple brand and packaging but makes yummy jelly. Can be found in local supermarkets or even provision stores!

The jelly by itself does not taste as good because they are made from artificial flavours. To make it more tasty, I added a tropical fruit, lychee and Nata de Coco. Nata de Coco is made from coconut that comes in small chewy and juicy cubes. Being a person who loves to save, I did not want to throw the lychee syrup away so I added water to the syrup and serve it as a drink to my family.

This are steps to make this jelly, it is very simple!
1) Just follow the instructions to prepare stated on the box.
2) The color to use is based on individual preferences.
3) Take the preferred color and mix the crystals with hot water. And do the same for the other flavors as well. When is it dissolved, pour some of the jelly mixture to a cup. For better presentation, use wine glasses.
4) Put them in the refrigerator to chill for one hour or whenever you feel the mixture is hard enough.
5) For me, when it comes to the second layer, I’ll start putting fruits in. Gently put the fruit on top of the first layer and pour a different flavored mixture this time round to have different colors. Chill it for 1 hour.
6) Repeat step 5 for the other layers. Mix the colors according to your preference.
For me, I like to put red first, then green and lastly yellow. And I’ll repeat the cycle again. You can see from the picture here.

I love how colorful the outcome is.

Note: The jelly only harden when it is chilled. It is easy but it requires a lot of patience. I took 7 hours to complete everything. When it is completed, My little princess just couldn’t wait to eat them!