Mini Banana Walnut Muffins

I did not make muffins for quite some time now ever since Lunar New Year. I decided to bake some muffins since I have some leftover ingredients. So I found some time to bake last saturday. Banana muffin has always been the easiest muffin to make. However, I decided to add some walnuts on top to be more creative rather than baking the same kind of banana muffin.

On the process of baking yummy banana walnut muffins.

Freshly baked from the oven! I always loved the smell of banana muffins that just came out of the oven.

It is done! Look at how the muffins rise gloriously. My children and I love to watch the muffins in the oven rising and anticipating to eat these muffins.

Banana Walnut muffins are definitely a great snack to satisfy our cravings. However, I still love the original and plain banana cake without anything else. But this doesn’t stop me from exploring and trying out new flavours! I am thinking of banana and chocolate muffin, since they go so well together.

If you are interested in ordering my banana muffins, please refer to this page. Thank you! 🙂


For Gathering and Parties

Need refreshments for your birthday parties, christmas parties etc?
Would like to have thank you gifts for your parties?

You can have our muffins for desserts and cookies for snacks or gifts!

This is my 6 year old daughter’s birthday party in her child care centre.

Muffins are arranged in the number 6 which consists of chocolate chip muffins, blueberry muffins and raisin muffins. It is convenient because after the birthday celebration, everyone can just grab a muffin. It saves time and energy from slicing and distributing.

After the celebration, mini cookie goodie bags are being distributed. They are packed with colorful packaging.

More packaging ideas coming soon!

Mini Blueberry Muffins

Bite sized Muffins! Baked with fresh blueberries to give the natural sweetness, each bite is delightful! Absolutely ideal for tea snacks and parties! It is also suitable as a gift. Check our gift packaging ideas.