My first Lunar New Year cookies orders kept me extremely busy. It started as early as mid January for Chinese New Year that falls on 14 February. Many of my friends ordered during the middle January would repeat their orders again.

I had a busy schedule taking and consolidating orders, buying the ingredients and the packaging, planning when to take my leave etc.. My baking early can start as early in the morning from 7.00am to midnight after 12 during weekends.

I worked the next day as usual. So I spent my weekends baking and weekdays in the office. Sometimes, I had to take leave to bake. Take a look at these pictures, this was one of the weekend that I baked so many containers which I need to ask my elder children for help to deliver.

It was really exhausting, I have to juggle between full time job, baking and housework. But I felt very satisfied and happy! The only thing I was quite guilty and concerned is that I did not spend as much time with my youngest daughter (on the header) during those busy times. However, when I see her sleeping soundly, I would give her a good night kiss. It is one of a mother’s happiness to see her child sleeping so peacefully after a day long of work.


For Gathering and Parties

Need refreshments for your birthday parties, christmas parties etc?
Would like to have thank you gifts for your parties?

You can have our muffins for desserts and cookies for snacks or gifts!

This is my 6 year old daughter’s birthday party in her child care centre.

Muffins are arranged in the number 6 which consists of chocolate chip muffins, blueberry muffins and raisin muffins. It is convenient because after the birthday celebration, everyone can just grab a muffin. It saves time and energy from slicing and distributing.

After the celebration, mini cookie goodie bags are being distributed. They are packed with colorful packaging.

More packaging ideas coming soon!